After four years of semi-retirement, living both in Brooklyn and Maine, I decided to move to one location – too much driving! In the end I chose Athens and moved here in December 2016. I grew up in Albany, so was familiar with the area, and had visited Hudson numerous times more recently. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I was undecided about starting up work again, but several opportunities presented themselves and I chose my first project – or perhaps it chose me, followed by a second more personal project, a new house on a piece of land I’m in the process of buying.

My first project is the renovation/restoration of a corner building on Main Street in Catskill. I’m currently in the design phase and the client needs to be able to move into the ground floor commercial space by the end of June. We’ve started by renovating the rear space with a new layout. This includes an entirely new leveled floor substructure, a finished floor, ceiling, all new lighting and HVAC.

This section of my site will be used to provide continual updates and images.